Mailbox Store Mailbox Store Today's Fastest Growing Developer of Independent Mail Box Stores in North America. The Mailbox Stores, Inc. offers you the best opportunity to become a MAILBOX STORE OWNER
Minimum Investment Required: $30,000
At Home Eldercare At Home Eldercare If you are looking for a career or job that is not impacted by the economy, you may want to consider an At Home Eldercare franchise. The next 20 years are going to be terrific for our industry. Now is a great time to get into it!
Minimum Investment Required: $100,000
Universal Windows Direct Universal Windows Direct We're looking for motivated, organized, ambitious individuals. Men and women who have the ability to be both creative as well as disciplined, and able to follow a structured, proven system. No experience in the industry is needed. Our dealers are self motivated, coach-able, visionary, and have a des...
Minimum Investment Required: $75,000
Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Tuffy Tire & Auto Service With over 45 years in the auto repair industry, we have a network of successful franchisees, and we pass along our cumulative knowledge and expertise to you. Turn the power of the Tuffy name and our system of doing business into your successful operation.
Minimum Investment Required: $250,000
A Place at Home A Place at Home Looking to start a business that can make a positive impact in your community? Join us today!
Minimum Investment Required: $100,000

Successful Franchise Business Owner:

Starting a franchise business was the best decision I have ever made. I have a nationally recognized brand name with a profitable business model. Additionally, I have the support of other franchise owners in my area to help me succeed.
George Phelps
Detroit, Michigan